Mt Hibok-Hibok

Rugged Mt. Hibok-Hibok

With an altitude of 1,332 meters (4,370ft), this is Camiguin’s most active volcano. It is one of the most rugged volcanoes in an already rugged island. Mt. Hibok-Hibok is a very popular hiking destination because of its lush vegetation and its accessibility to all climbers. Hiking normally reach from three to five hours only. Boulders and wild plants can be seen along the way to the peak. Camping site is beside the lake that is completely encircled by rain forest. Upon reaching the Peak, from there you can get a very good sight. You get a good view of the White Island, Bohol to the north, eastern Mindanao to the east and Siquijor to the west.

A permit and a guide are definitely needed for the climb. The moment you step on the town of Mambajao, proceed first to the DENR office for these procedures.